Introduction - DSN

Introduction - DSN

Introduction - DSN -- The Data Source Name


To connect to a database through PEAR::DB, you have to create a valid DSN - data source name. This DSN consists in the following parts:

phptype: Database backend used in PHP (i.e. mysql , odbc etc.)
dbsyntax: Database used with regards to SQL syntax etc. When using ODBC as the phptype, set this to the DBMS type the ODBC driver is connecting to. Examples: access, db2, mssql, navision, solid, etc.
protocol: Communication protocol to use ( i.e. tcp, unix etc.)
hostspec: Host specification (hostname[:port])
database: Database to use on the DBMS server
username: User name for login
password: Password for login
proto_opts: Maybe used with protocol
option: Additional connection options in URI query string format. options get separated by &

The format of the supplied DSN is in its fullest form:

Most variations are allowed:

The currently supported database backends are:
dbase  -> dBase
fbsql  -> FrontBase (functional since DB 1.7.0)
ibase  -> InterBase (functional since DB 1.7.0)
ifx    -> Informix
msql   -> Mini SQL (functional since DB 1.7.0)
mssql  -> Microsoft SQL Server (NOT for Sybase. Compile PHP --with-mssql)
mysql  -> MySQL (for MySQL <= 4.0)
mysqli -> MySQL (for MySQL >= 4.1) (requires PHP 5) (since DB 1.6.3)
oci8   -> Oracle 7/8/9
odbc   -> ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
pgsql  -> PostgreSQL
sqlite -> SQLite
sybase -> Sybase

With an up-to-date version of DB, you can use a second DSN format

If your database, option values, username or password contain characters used to delineate DSN parts, you can escape them via URI hex encodings:
: = %3a   / = %2f   @ = %40
+ = %2b   ( = %28   ) = %29
? = %3f   = = %3d   & = %26


Please note, that some features may be not supported by all database backends. Please refer to the PEAR DB extensions status document located at: /pear/base/dir/DB/doc/STATUS to get a detailed list about what features are supported by which backend.

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