HTTP_Client::attach() -- Adds a Listener to the list of listeners that are notified of the object's events


The attached Listeners are notified of the following events:


sent before a HTTP request that is not a result of previous redirect.


sent upon receiving a successfull 2xx response (or 3xx response, if it is not a redirect or if redirect processing is disabled).


sent when a 3xx redirection response is received, before following a redirect


sent on 4xx, 5xx response

If $propagate is TRUE the Listener will be attached to the created HTTP_Request objects and will be notified of their events as well.


object HTTP_Request_Listener &$listener

Listener instance to attach

boolean $propagate

Whether the listener should be attached to the created HTTP_Request objects

Return value

returns whether the listener was successfully attached


throws no exceptions thrown


see detach()


This function can not be called statically.

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