HTTP_Download::setParams() -- Set various parameters


Set the parameters for the download.

You can use this method as an alternative to passing the parameters in the constructor or calling the setter of each parameter.


  • array $params - An associative array of parameters:

    • one of:

      • $params['file'] - filepath

      • $params['data'] - raw data

      • $params['resource'] - resource handle

    • and any of:

      • $params['gzip'] - whether to gzip the download

      • $params['cache'] - whether to allow client side caching of the download

      • $params['lastmodified'] - unix timestamp of last modification

      • $params['contenttype'] - content type

      • $params['contentdisposition'] - content disposition

      • $params['buffersize'] - amount of bytes read at once from files or resources

      • $params['throttledelay'] - amount of seconds to sleep after each chunk that has been sent

      • $params['cachecontrol'] - cache privacy and validity

Return value

Returns TRUE on success, PEAR_Error on failure.


This function can not be called statically.

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