Mail_RFC822::parseAddressList() -- extract the parts of a list of email addresses


Extracts the given addresses into there parts.


  • string $address - the address(es) to validate

  • string $defaultDomain - the default domain to use in case of absence in the given email address.

  • boolean $nestGroups - whether to return the structure with groups nested for easier viewing.

  • boolean $validate - whether to validate atoms. Turn this off if you need to run addresses through before encoding the personal names, for instance.

Return value

array - a nested array of anonymous objects.

If $nestGroups set to FALSE, you can jump over the next paragraph.

Every array entry contains an object per group. This object has two attributes:

groupname - the name of the group
addresses - an array of all addresses of a group

The addresses array consists of an array of anonymous objects for each address. This object comes with the following attributes:

personal - the name of the address owner
comment - an array, an entry for each comment per address
mailbox - the name of the mailbox, the part before the @
host - the name of the server, the part after the @


This function can be called statically.


This class checks the string only. It does not check for the existence of an email address.

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