Error Handling

Error Handling

Error Handling -- Error Handling in Services_Ebay

Exceptions in Services_Ebay

As Services_Ebay is a PHP 5 only package, it uses exception handling and the PEAR_Exception class as base class for all exceptions. Exceptions can be thrown, whenever you try to call any of the API calls provided by Services_Ebay, which means you should always nest those in a try/catch-block:

When calling a non-existent API call or passing the wrong parameters to the API, eBay will abort the API call and return an XML-document that contains error information. Services_Ebay will automatically convert this into an exception that can be easily handled by your PHP application.

Warnings in Services_Ebay

In some cases, the eBay API will still process your request, even if you passed invalid parameters and include error information in the resulting XML-document alongside the actual response of your request.

In this case, the errors will be tagged as warnings, as they were not serious errors. Services_Ebay will not convert these errors to exceptions, but only to instances of Services_Ebay_Error. These objects will be stored in the Services_Ebay_Session and can be retrieved by your application at a later point.

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