HTTP_Download::staticSend() --  Static send


Send a download statically without instantiating an HTTP_Download object.


  • array $params - An associative array of parameters:

    • one of:

      • $params['file'] - filepath

      • $params['data'] - raw data

      • $params['resource'] - resource handle

    • and any of:

      • $params['gzip'] - whether to gzip the download

      • $params['cache'] - whether to allow client side caching of the download

      • $params['lastmodified'] - unix timestamp of last modification

      • $params['contenttype'] - content type

      • $params['contentdisposition'] - content disposition

      • $params['buffersize'] - amount of bytes read at once from files or resources

      • $params['throttledelay'] - amount of seconds to sleep after each chunk that has been sent

  • bool [$guess = false] - whether to call guessContentType()

Return value

Returns TRUE on success, PEAR_Error on failure.


This function should be called statically.

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