Examples --  Using Services_Yahoo

About the examples

The following sections provide you with examples of using the different feature sets of Services_Yahoo. Currently this includes documentation for the interfaces to Yahoo! Search and Content Analysis.

All public methods in Services_Yahoo have in common that exceptions will be raised when something goes wrong. This is why try { ... } catch { } blocks are wrapped around all examples.

Note: The examples are designed to be run from a command line shell. If you would like to test them in a web browser you should replace \n with <br /> for better readability.

Speaking to Yahoo! Search

The following examples will communicate with Yahoo! Search.

Note: In order to query the Image, News, Video or Local search, one only needs to replace the argument "web" in the call of the factory() method with one of "image", "news", "video", or "local".

Using the Yahoo! Content Analysis services

The following examples will show you how to use the Content Analysis Services provided by Yahoo!.

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