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  • NuSphere PhpED 10.0 – SQL Profiler and JS Debugger : The Staff of php-editors.com has gotten a copy of soon to be released PHP IDE/Editor by NuSphere. In this review we are talking about what we saw there – obey your curiosity!

  • NuSphere PhpED 6.0: The Staff of php-editors.com recently spent a few days working with NuSphere PhpED 6.0 (a popular PHP IDE) and NuCoder 2.0 (a PHP Encoding Utility), read up on all the details.

  • Zend Studio: User reviews of Zend Studio
  • Remote Project and using PHP Debugger: Please read our latest article about Remote projects and using PHP Debugger in GoDaddy and other shared hosting with zero code footprint on your local machine

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