PHP Tools

PHP tools simplify PHP development tasks such as editing, debugging, profiling and deploying advanced Web applications. The staff at is pleased to provide brief write ups of several must-have PHP tools and utilities. Click a heading below to learn more about how various PHP tools advanced support for PHP Development.

Php Debugger

PHP debugger provides a powerful and easy tool to help troubleshoot PHP scripts. It gives you complete visibility and control over the execution of PHP scripts, allowing you to execute PHP code line by line, and it doesn't require that you make any changes to your PHP code.

Php Profiler

PHP profiler is a tool for helping you write faster PHP applications. Ever wonder which line of your PHP application code is the most time consuming? A PHP Profiler can also show you which part of your code is most frequently executed. Learn how a PHP Profiler is a must-have PHP tool because it presents all of this performance and benchmarking information in easy to read in a graphical form.

PHP Encoding Tools

Tempering and unauthorized copying of PHP source code can be a serious problem for PHP developers. A Php Encoder converts the source code of PHP Script into compiled PHP bytecodes, making it an essential PHP tool for both accelerated runtime performance and security.


Almost every interactive Web application involves some MySQL database connectivity. PHP tools for MySQL can automate a lot of your programming tasks, including connecting from PHP to a MySQL database, how to build a PHP form to insert or update MySQL records, etc. PHP MySQL tools will help build database-driven PHP MySQL applications with just a few mouse clicks.

PHP Smarty

PHP Smarty engine is a widely used PHP template implementation. PHP Templates are a great way to separate business logic from presentation layers. Several PHP IDE's have integrated PHP tools support for PHP Smarty including PHP syntax color highlighting for PHP Smarty templates, code completion, etc.

PHP Designer

PHP Designer is a visual PHP tool for browsing through PHP Classes, PHP Functions and other PHP objects, creating a visual presentation of the hierarchy of PHP objects.

PHP Viewer

PHP Viewer allows you to view and preview the pages generated by your PHP scripts as well as static HTML pages without ever leaving your PHP IDE. Seeing the HTML source of these pages can also be helpful when it comes to building advanced PHP applications.


Visual rendering of a Web Page in a browser is straightforward when using static HTML, however the rendering of PHP code presents unique challenges for designers of dynamic PHP applications. PHP WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) tools provide an intuitive and productive environment for visually building dynamic PHP applications.

PHP Code Completion

PHP code completion and auto-correction tools help you remember PHP syntax by automatically suggesting available properties and methods for a given variable or class, and even available PHP variables that are in scope. These powerful PHP tools automatically finish partially typed keywords, speeding up your development efforts. Code completion works for HTML and CSS, displaying properties for tags, classes and attributes.

Ajax and PHP Tools

Ajax PHP frameworks can be very helpful if you understand how to work with them. Unfortunately it's often hard to troubleshoot PHP-Ajax frameworks because they generate so much code and are often poorly documented. Learn how a PHP Debugger can help you better understand what's going on with your PHP Ajax Framework.


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