Long description for example clipping region

This diagram illustrates two block boxes, one above the other, with rectangular clipping regions of different dimensions.

The block boxes (generated for a P element) are identical and depicted with a thick black border and a gray background. A coordinate system has its origin at the upper left corner of each block box. The x-axis increases along the top edge of the P box, the y-axis down the left edge. Both axes depict increments of 5px.

The clipping region of the first P box lies entirely within it, offset 5px from the top and left edges of the P box, and 10px from the right and bottom edges. The clipping region has a thick dashed border and a white background and is labeled "clip region".

The clipping region of the second P box resembles that of the first in style and position, except that the right edge is 5px to the right of the P box's right edge. Thus, the clipping region lies partially outside the P box.

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