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10.9. Additional Resources

To learn more about the Apache HTTP Server, refer to the following resources.

10.9.1. Useful Websites

10.9.2. Related Books

  • Apache Desktop Reference by Ralf S. Engelschall; Addison Wesley — Written by ASF member and mod_ssl author Ralf Engelschall, the Apache Desktop Reference provides a concise but comprehensive reference guide to using the Apache HTTP Server at compilation, configuration, and run time. This book is available online at

  • Professional Apache by Peter Wainwright; Wrox Press Ltd — Professional Apache is from Wrox Press Ltd's "Programmer to Programmer" series and is aimed at both experienced and novice Web server administrators.

  • Administering Apache by Mark Allan Arnold; Osborne Media Group — This book is targeted at Internet Service Providers who aim to provide more secure services.

  • Apache Server Unleashed by Richard Bowen, et al; SAMS BOOKS — An encyclopedic source for the Apache HTTP Server.

  • Apache Pocket Reference by Andrew Ford, Gigi Estabrook; O'Reilly — This is the latest addition to the O'Reilly Pocket Reference series.

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