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13.9. Additional Resources

More information concerning LDAP is available. Please review these sources, especially the OpenLDAP website and the LDAP HOWTO, before configuring LDAP on your system.

13.9.1. Installed Documentation

  • LDAP man pages — The ldap man page provides a good introduction to LDAP. Man pages also exist for the various LDAP daemons and utilities.

  • /usr/share/docs/openldap-<versionnumber> — Contains a general README document and miscellaneous information.

13.9.2. Useful Websites

13.9.3. Related Books

  • Implementing LDAP by Mark Wilcox; Wrox Press, Inc.

  • Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services by Tim Howes et al.; Macmillan Technical Publishing

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