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4.2. Directories in the /etc/sysconfig/ Directory

The following directories are normally found in /etc/sysconfig/.

  • apm-scripts/ — This directory contains the Red Hat APM suspend/resume script. Do not edit the files directly. If customization is necessary, create a file called /etc/sysconfig/apm-scripts/apmcontinue and it will be called at the end of the script. It is also possible to control the script by editing /etc/sysconfig/apmd.

  • cbq/ — This directory contains the configuration files needed to do Class Based Queuing for bandwidth management on network interfaces.

  • networking/ — This directory is used by the Network Administration Tool (redhat-config-network), and its contents should not be edited manually. For more information about configuring network interfaces using the Network Administration Tool, see the chapter called Network Configuration in the Red Hat Linux Customization Guide.

  • network-scripts/ — This directory contains the following network-related configuration files:

    • Network configuration files for each configured network interface, such as ifcfg-eth0 for the eth0 Ethernet interface.

    • Scripts used to bring up and down network interfaces, such as ifup and ifdown.

    • Scripts used to bring up and down ISDN interfaces, such as ifup-isdn and ifdown-isdn.

    • Various shared network function scripts which should not be edited directly.

    For more information on the network-scripts directory, see Chapter 8 Network Interfaces.

  • rhn/ — This directory contains the configuration files and GPG keys for the Red Hat Network. No files in this directory should be edited by hand. For more information on the Red Hat Network, see the Red Hat Network website at the following URL:

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