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PEAR_Config::PEAR_Config() -- Constructor
PEAR_Config::apiVersion() -- return API version (1.1 as of PEAR 1.4.0
PEAR_Config::definedBy() -- Tells what config layer that gets to define a key
PEAR_Config::deleteChannel() -- deleteChannel
PEAR_Config::get() -- Returns a configuration value
PEAR_Config::getConfFile() -- Gets the file used for storing the config for a layer
PEAR_Config::getDefaultChannel() -- Retrieve the default channel.
PEAR_Config::getDocs() -- Get the documentation for a config value
PEAR_Config::getFTP() -- The ftp server is set in readFTPConfigFile(). It exists only if a remote configuration file has been specified
PEAR_Config::getGroup() -- Get the parameter group for a config key
PEAR_Config::getGroupKeys() -- Get the list of the parameters in a group
PEAR_Config::getGroups() -- Get the list of parameter groups
PEAR_Config::getKeys() -- Get all the current config keys
PEAR_Config::getLayers() -- Returns the layers defined
PEAR_Config::getPrompt() -- Get short documentation for a config value
PEAR_Config::getRegistry() -- getRegistry
PEAR_Config::getRemote() -- getRemote
PEAR_Config::getREST() -- getREST
PEAR_Config::getSetValues() -- Get the list of allowed set values for a config value
PEAR_Config::getType() -- Get the type of a config value
PEAR_Config::isDefined() -- Tells whether a key exists as config value
PEAR_Config::isDefinedLayer() -- Tells whether a config layer exists
PEAR_Config::mergeConfigFile() -- Merges data into a config layer from a file
PEAR_Config::noRegistry() -- noRegistry
PEAR_Config::readConfigFile() -- Reads configuration data from a file
PEAR_Config::readFTPConfigFile() -- readFTPConfigFile
PEAR_Config::remove() -- Remove a config key from a config layer
PEAR_Config::removeLayer() -- Temporarily remove an entire config layer
PEAR_Config::set() -- Set config value in specific layer
PEAR_Config::setChannels() -- Set the list of channels.
PEAR_Config::setInstallRoot() -- setInstallRoot
PEAR_Config::setRegistry() -- This is to allow customization like the use of installroot
PEAR_Config::singleton() -- Return a reference of a PEAR_Config object
PEAR_Config::store() -- Stores configuration data in a layer
PEAR_Config::toDefault() -- Revert value of config key to the system-defined one
PEAR_Config::validConfiguration() -- Determine whether any configuration files have been detected, and whether a registry object can be retrieved from this configuration.
PEAR_Config::writeConfigFile() -- Write data into config layer from file

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