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PEAR_Registry::PEAR_Registry() -- constructor
PEAR_Registry::addPackage() -- Registers a package to the registry
PEAR_Registry::checkFileMap() -- Test whether a file belongs to a package
PEAR_Registry::deletePackage() -- Remove Package from registry
PEAR_Registry::listPackages() -- List all registered Packages
PEAR_Registry::packageExists() -- Check for Package
PEAR_Registry::packageInfo() -- Get Package information
PEAR_Registry::rebuildDepsFile() -- Rebuild dependencies file
PEAR_Registry::rebuildFileMap() -- Rebuild file map
PEAR_Registry::removePackageDep() -- Remove dependency information of a Package
PEAR_Registry::setPackageDep() -- Update or insert dependencies of a Package
PEAR_Registry::updatePackage() -- Update Package information

Administration class used to maintain the installed package database.

Class Trees for PEAR_Registry

  • PEAR

    • PEAR_Registry

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