<file> -- documenting a file in the <contents> tag

Documenting files

The <file> tag is almost identical to package.xml 1.0. Required attributes are name and role. Optional attributes are baseinstalldir and md5sum. Optional attributes platform and install-as have been replaced by the release tags. Specifically, <install> is used to specify install-as, and the <ignore> tag can be used in conjunction with <installconditions> to exclude packages from being installed on particular platforms.

For those familiar with the platform attribute, the way to handle this example:

<file name="scripts/foo.bat" role="script" install-as="foo.bat" platform="windows">

is to in fact create two release sections. The file tag would then look like:

<file name="scripts/foo.bat" role="script">

and the release section would look like this:

<phprelease> <installconditions> <os>windows</os> </installconditions> <install name="scripts/foo.bat" as="foo.bat"/> </phprelease> <phprelease> <ignore name="scripts/foo.bat"/> </phprelease>

Note that the second <phprelease> tag could just as easily have had an <installconditions> tag containing <os>unix</os>, but this is unnecessary, as the second release will be processed on any system that is not a windows system.

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