CVS installer

CVS installer

This passage will describe how to install the latest development version of a PEAR package from CVS.

It is NOT recommended to run a package from CVS in working environments! Because CVS versions are not regular releases, this means:

You should use a package from CVS only, if:

  • The maintainer recommended it for you.

  • You want to help in development of a package.

  • You really need a special patch or function, which is not currently released.

If you still want to install a package from CVS, you have to do the same steps like a package maintainer creating a new release of a package. If you have problems following the next steps, take a look into the Developers Section of the manual.

  1. Get the package files from CVS like described in

    The name of the module to checkout is pear/<packagename>, i.e. cvs -d checkout pear/HTTP_Client.

  2. Check the package.xml file, especially the fileset entries. They must match the existing files and directory structure. If they differ, contact the maintainer and ask for an update of package.xml.

  3. Create a valid package using the PEAR Installer pear package <path to package.xml>

  4. If you have already the package installed: remove it to avoid versions problems: pear uninstall <package>

  5. Install your package archive: pear install <package-file>

    Now, you have an CVS version installed!

You should upgrade to a official release of the package as early as possible. Before you install the official release, uninstall the CVS version to avoid version problems.

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