Auth_HTTP Example 2

Auth_HTTP Example 2

Auth_HTTP Example 2 -- Example: A password protected page with multiple rows fetch and md5 password


// example of Auth_HTTP implementation with encrypted password and multiple columns fetch


// setting the database connection options
$AuthOptions = array(
'table'=>"testable",                            // your table name 
'usernamecol'=>"username",			// the table username column
'passwordcol'=>"password",			// the table password column
'cryptType'=>"md5",				// password encryption type in your db
'db_fields'=>"*",				// enabling fetch for other db columns

$a = new Auth_HTTP("DB", $AuthOptions);

$a->setRealm('yourrealm');			// realm name
$a->setCancelText('<h2>Error 401</h2>');        // error message if authentication fails
$a->start();					// starting the authentication process

if($a->getAuth())				// checking for autenticated user 
	echo "Hello $a->username welcome to my secret page <BR>";
	echo "Your details on file are: <BR>";
	echo $a->getAuthData('userid');		// retriving other details from the database row
	echo $a->getAuthData('telephone');      // in this example the user id, telephone number
	echo $a->getAuthData('email');		// and email address
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