constructor Auth_PrefManager::Auth_PrefManager

constructor Auth_PrefManager::Auth_PrefManager()

constructor Auth_PrefManager::Auth_PrefManager()  -- Constructor


The $properties property should be an associative array, with the structure below. Any options not set will be set to the default.


The table to retrieve preferences from. [preferences]


The field to use for matching user IDs. [user_id]


The field to use for matching preference names. [pref_name]


The field to retrieve preference values from. [pref_value]


The user ID to use for retrieving default values. [__default__]


The key to use for the cache in $_SESSION. [prefsCache]


Should values be cached for later use. [true]


Should values be serialized before saving to the database, and unserialized on retrieval. [false]

Options: table: The table to get prefs from. [preferences] userColumn: The field name to search for userid's [user_id] nameColumn: The field name to search for preference names [pref_name] valueColumn: The field name to search for preference values [pref_value] defaultUser: The userid assigned to default values [__default__] cacheName: The name of cache in the session variable ($_SESSION[cacheName]) [prefsCache] useCache: Whether or not values should be cached. serialize: Should preference values be serialzed before saving?


string $dsn

The DSN of the database connection to make, or a DB object.

array $properties

An array of properties to set.

string $defaultUser

The default user to manage for.

Return value

returns Success or failure.


No exceptions thrown.


This function can not be called statically.

Users with preferences created using Auth_PrefManager 1.0.4 or earlier shouldn't enable the serialize option, as it may result in data loss.

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