Introduction --  What Date_Holidays can do


Date_Holidays is a driver-based holiday calculation package. It helps you checking, whether a specific date is a holiday in a specific country or religion. Furthermore you can calculate the date of any holiday supported in the driver for the country, region or religion.

Currently the following drivers are supported:

  • Christian, calculates Christian holidays (used as base driver for other drivers)

  • Germany, calculates German holidays

  • Jewish, calculates Jewish holidays

  • Sweden, calculates Swedish holidays

  • USA, calculates holidays in the United States of America

  • UNO, calculates UNO (United Nations Organization) holidays

  • Composite, a driver that is used to combine any number of the other drivers so they can be queried at once.

If you wrote a custom driver for Date_Holidays that could be included in the distribution, please contact the package maintainers or open a feature request and attach a patch in the bug tracking tool.

Date_Holidays supports I18N by storing the names of the different holidays in INI files for each language. These files will be stored in the data directory of your PEAR installation.

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