Package to manage passwd-style files


Table of Contents
File_Passwd Constants -- Constants used by File_Passwd
File_Passwd::apiVersion() -- Get API version
File_Passwd::factory() -- Factory for extensions
File_Passwd::staticAuth() -- Fast authentication

The File_Passwd class provides a factory for all special purpose classes, static authentication and common encryption methods.


Table of Contents
Childs -- Classes that extend File_Passwd_Common and their inherited methods
File_Passwd_Common::delUser() -- Delete a certain user
File_Passwd_Common::listUser() -- List user
File_Passwd_Common::userExists() -- Check if user exists
File_Passwd_Common::getFile() -- Get path of passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::setFile() -- Set path to passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::load() -- Loads the file
File_Passwd_Common::parse() -- Parse the content of the file
File_Passwd_Common::save() -- Apply changes and rewrite passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::_auth() -- Base method for File_Passwd::staticAuth()
File_Passwd_Common::_open() -- Open a file
File_Passwd_Common::_close() -- Closes a prior opened and locked file handle
File_Passwd_Common::_save() -- Save the modified content to the passwd file
File_Passwd_Common::__construct() -- Constructor (ZE2)

Base class for worker class extensions.


Manipulate custom formatted passwd files. (inherited methods)


Table of Contents
File_Passwd_Unix::staticAuth() -- Fast authentication
File_Passwd_Unix::File_Passwd_Unix() -- Constructor
File_Passwd_Unix::parse() -- Parse passwd file
File_Passwd_Unix::save() -- Save changes
File_Passwd_Unix::addUser() -- Add an user
File_Passwd_Unix::modUser() -- Modify user
File_Passwd_Unix::changePasswd() -- Change password
File_Passwd_Unix::verifyPasswd() -- Verify password
File_Passwd_Unix::useMap() -- Whether to use the 'name map'
File_Passwd_Unix::getMap() -- Get 'name map'
File_Passwd_Unix::setMap() -- Set 'name map'
File_Passwd_Unix::getMode() -- Get actual encryption mode
File_Passwd_Unix::setMode() -- Set encryption mode
File_Passwd_Unix::listModes() -- Get supported encryption modes
File_Passwd_Unix::isShadowed() -- Check if passwd file is shadowed
File_Passwd_Unix::generatePassword() -- Generate password

Manipulate standard Unix passwd files. (inherited methods)


Manipulate CVS pserver passwd files. (inherited methods)


Manipulate SMB server passwd files. (inherited methods)


Manipulate AuthUserFiles. (inherited methods)

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