Table of Contents
Introduction -- What is this package useful for
FAQ -- Understanding package features
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Controller -- The class implementing a PageController pattern.
constructor HTML_QuickForm_Controller() -- Class constructor.
Controller::addAction() -- Registers a handler for a specific action.
Controller::addPage() -- Adds a new page to the form
Controller::applyDefaults() -- Sets the default values for the given page
Controller::container() -- Returns a reference to the form's values container.
Controller::exportValue() -- Returns the element's value
Controller::exportValues() -- Returns the form's values
Controller::findInvalid() -- Finds the (first) invalid page
Controller::getActionName() -- Finds the names of the current page and the current action.
Controller::getNextName() -- Returns the name of the page after the given.
Controller::getPage() -- Returns a page
Controller::getPrevName() -- Returns the name of the page before the given.
Controller::handle() -- Handles an action.
Controller::isModal() -- Checks whether the form is modal.
Controller::isValid() -- Checks whether the pages of the controller are valid
Controller::run() -- Processes the request.
Controller::setConstants() -- Initializes constant form values.
Controller::setDefaults() -- Initializes default form values.
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Page -- The class represents a page of a multipage form.
constructor HTML_QuickForm_Page() -- Class constructor
Page::addAction() -- Registers a handler for a specific action.
Page::buildForm() -- Builds a form.
Page::getButtonName() -- Returns a name for a submit button that will invoke a specific action.
Page::handle() -- Handles an action.
Page::isFormBuilt() -- Checks whether the form was already built.
Page::loadValues() -- Loads the submit values from the array.
Page::setDefaultAction() -- Sets the default action invoked on page-form submit.
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Action -- Class representing an action to perform on HTTP request.
Action::perform() -- Processes the request.
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Action_Back -- The action for a 'back' button of wizard-type multipage form.
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Action_Direct -- This action allows to go to a specific page of a multipage form.
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Action_Display -- This action handles the output of the form.
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Action_Jump -- The action handles the HTTP redirect to a specific page.
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Action_Next -- The action for a 'next' button of wizard-type multipage form.
Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_Action_Submit -- The action for a 'submit' button.

This is an add-on to HTML_QuickForm package that allows (among other things) to build multipage forms.

Cool features:

  • Includes several default Actions that allow easy building of multipage forms.

  • Includes usage examples for common usage cases (single-page form, wizard, tabbed form).

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