Structures_DataGrid::bind() -- Binds a data type that is supported by a DataSource Driver to the DataGrid


This method allows you to bind your data set to the DataGrid. You can bind any data type that is supported with a DataSource driver. If you have a data type that is not supported, you can easily create your own driver by mimicing the parent class or one of the existing drivers or post a message to the mailing lists to see if someone can help you with it. If you write your own, please post it back to the community for anyone else who might be interested in using it.


mixed $data

The record set in any of the supported data source types (i.e. DB_DataObject, DB_Result, XML, RSS, CSV, Array)

array $options

Optional. An array of options to be used, these are respective to the driver.

string $type

Optional. This is used if the data source type cannot be detected.

Return value

mixed - TRUE upon success otherwise a PEAR_Error upon failure

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