(PHP 3 >= 3.0.3, PHP 4, PHP 5)

ucwords --  Uppercase the first character of each word in a string


string ucwords ( string str )

Returns a string with the first character of each word in str capitalized, if that character is alphabetic.

The definition of a word is any string of characters that is immediately after a whitespace (These are: space, form-feed, newline, carriage return, horizontal tab, and vertical tab).

Example 1. ucwords() example

= 'hello world!';
$foo = ucwords($foo);             // Hello World!

$bar = 'HELLO WORLD!';
$bar = ucwords($bar);             // HELLO WORLD!
$bar = ucwords(strtolower($bar)); // Hello World!

Note: This function is binary-safe.

See also strtoupper(), strtolower() and ucfirst().

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