$libdir, Dynamic Loading


aggregate, Aggregate Functions
aggregate functions, Aggregate Expressions
extending, Extending SQL: Aggregates
See label
for table name in query, Joins Between Tables
all, Subquery Expressions
operator, Logical Operators
any, Pseudo-Types, Subquery Expressions
anyarray, Pseudo-Types
arrays, Arrays, Extending SQL: Types
constants, Array constants
Australian time zones, General Operation
See serial
autocommit, General Operation
average, Aggregate Functions
function, Aggregate Functions


See indexes
backup, Backup and Restore
between, Comparison Operators
bigint, Numeric Types
bigserial, The Serial Types
binary strings
concatenation, Binary String Functions and Operators
length, Binary String Functions and Operators
bison, Requirements
bit strings
constants, Bit-String Constants
data type, Bit String Types
See large object
data type, Boolean Type
See operators, logical
box (data type), Box
BSD/OS, Shared Memory and Semaphores, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions


case, Conditional Expressions
case sensitivity
SQL commands, Identifiers and Key Words
catalogs, About the PostgreSQL System Catalogs
character set encoding, General Operation
character strings
concatenation, String Functions and Operators
constants, String Constants
data types, Character Types
length, String Functions and Operators
cid, Object Identifier Types
cidr, cidr
circle, Circle
client authentication, Client Authentication
cluster, Concepts
column, Concepts
system columns, System Columns
col_description, Miscellaneous Functions
in SQL, Comments
operators, Comparison Operators
concurrency, Concurrency Control
conditionals, Conditional Expressions
server, Run-time Configuration
configure, Installation Procedure
connection loss, pg_on_connection_loss
constants, Constants
COPY, Populating a Table With Rows
with libpq, Functions Associated with the COPY Command
count, Aggregate Functions
CREATE TABLE, Creating a New Table
createdb, Creating a Database
crypt, Password authentication
cstring, Pseudo-Types
currval, Sequence-Manipulation Functions


data area
See database cluster
data types, Data Types, The PostgreSQL Type System
constants, Constants of Other Types
extending, Extending SQL: Types
numeric, Numeric Types
type casts, Type Casts
database, Managing Databases
creating, Creating a Database
database cluster, Creating a Database Cluster
constants, Special values
current, Current Date/Time
data type, Dates
output format, Date/Time Output
See also Formatting
date style, General Operation
timeout, General Operation
See numeric
DELETE, Deletions
Digital UNIX
See Tru64 UNIX
dirty read, Transaction Isolation
disk space, Recovering disk space
disk usage, Determining Disk Usage
DISTINCT, Querying a Table, DISTINCT
double precision, Numeric Types
DROP TABLE, Creating a New Table
duplicate, Querying a Table
dynamic loading, General Operation
dynamic_library_path, General Operation, Dynamic Loading


elog, Database Access from PL/Tcl
PL/Perl, Database Access from PL/Perl
embedded SQL
in C, ECPG - Embedded SQL in C
environment variables, Environment Variables
error message, Database Connection Functions
escaping binary strings, Escaping binary strings for inclusion in SQL queries
escaping strings, Escaping strings for inclusion in SQL queries
except, Combining Queries
exists, Subquery Expressions
extending SQL, Extending SQL: An Overview
types, The PostgreSQL Type System


false, Boolean Type
embedded SQL, Porting From Other RDBMS Packages
files, Files
flex, Requirements
See real
See double precision
floating point, Numeric Types
foreign key, Foreign Keys
formatting, Data Type Formatting Functions
FreeBSD, Starting the Database Server, Shared Memory and Semaphores, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
fsync, General Operation
function, Extending SQL: Functions, Table Functions
internal, Internal Functions
SQL, Query Language (SQL) Functions
functions, Functions and Operators


genetic query optimization, Planner and Optimizer Tuning
See genetic query optimization
group, The GROUP BY and HAVING Clauses
GROUP BY, Aggregate Functions


See indexes
has_database_privilege, Miscellaneous Functions
has_function_privilege, Miscellaneous Functions
has_language_privilege, Miscellaneous Functions
has_schema_privilege, Miscellaneous Functions
has_table_privilege, Miscellaneous Functions
HAVING, Aggregate Functions
hierarchical database, Concepts
HP-UX, Shared Memory and Semaphores, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions


ident, Ident-based authentication
identifiers, Identifiers and Key Words
in, Subquery Expressions
index scan, Planner and Optimizer Tuning
indexes, Indexes
B-tree, Index Types
hash, Index Types
multicolumn, Multicolumn Indexes
on functions, Functional Indexes
partial, Partial Indexes
R-tree, Index Types
unique, Unique Indexes
inet (data type), inet
inheritance, Inheritance, General Operation
initlocation, Alternative Locations
input function, Extending SQL: Types
INSERT, Populating a Table With Rows
installation, Installation Instructions
on Windows, Requirements, Installation on Windows
See smallint
See integer
See bigint
integer, Numeric Types
internal, Pseudo-Types
intersection, Combining Queries
interval, Intervals
IRIX, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
IS NULL, General Operation
isolation levels, Transaction Isolation
read committed, Read Committed Isolation Level
read serializable, Serializable Isolation Level


join, Joins Between Tables
outer, Joins Between Tables
self, Joins Between Tables
joins, Joined Tables
cross, Joined Tables
left, Joined Tables
natural, Joined Tables
outer, Joined Tables


Kerberos, Kerberos authentication
key words
list of, SQL Key Words
syntax, Identifiers and Key Words


column, Column Labels
table, Table and Column Aliases
language_handler, Pseudo-Types
large object, Large Objects
LC_COLLATE, Creating a Database Cluster
ldconfig, Shared Libraries
binary strings
See binary strings, length
character strings
See character strings, length
libperl, Requirements
libpgtcl, pgtcl - Tcl Binding Library
libpq, libpq - C Library
libpq-fe.h, Database Connection Functions
libpq-int.h, Database Connection Functions, Building Libpq Programs
libpython, Requirements
like, LIKE
limit, LIMIT and OFFSET
line, Line Segment
Linux, Starting the Database Server, Shared Memory and Semaphores, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
locale, Creating a Database Cluster, Locale Support
locking, Explicit Locking
log files, Log File Maintenance


MAC address
See macaddr
macaddr (data type), macaddr
MacOS X, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
make, Requirements
MANPATH, Environment Variables
See also man pages
max, Aggregate Functions
MD5, Password authentication
min, Aggregate Functions
multibyte, Multibyte Support


qualified, Creating a Schema
unqualified, The Schema Search Path
namespaces, Schemas, General Operation
NetBSD, Starting the Database Server, Shared Memory and Semaphores, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
addresses, Network Address Data Types
nextval, Sequence-Manipulation Functions
nonblocking connection, Database Connection Functions, Asynchronous Query Processing
nonrepeatable read, Transaction Isolation
operator, Logical Operators
not in, Subquery Expressions
notice processor, libpq Control Functions
NOTIFY, Asynchronous Notification, pg_listen
nullif, NULLIF
constants, Numeric Constants
numeric (data type), Numeric Types


object identifier
data type, Object Identifier Types
object-oriented database, Concepts
obj_description, Miscellaneous Functions
with query results, LIMIT and OFFSET
OID, System Columns, Object Identifier Types
opaque, Pseudo-Types
OpenBSD, Starting the Database Server, Shared Memory and Semaphores, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
OpenSSL, Installation Procedure
See also SSL
operators, Functions and Operators
logical, Logical Operators
precedence, Lexical Precedence
syntax, Operators
operator, Logical Operators
Oracle, Porting From Other RDBMS Packages, Porting from Oracle PL/SQL
ORDER BY, Querying a Table, Benefits
OS/X, Shared Memory and Semaphores
output function, Extending SQL: Types
overlay, String Functions and Operators
overloading, Function Overloading


password, Password authentication
.pgpass, Files
PATH, Environment Variables
path (data type), Path
Perl, PL/Perl - Perl Procedural Language
PGDATA, Creating a Database Cluster
PGDATABASE, Environment Variables
PGHOST, Environment Variables
PGPASSWORD, Environment Variables
PGPORT, Environment Variables
closing, pg_lo_close
connecting, pg_connect, pg_disconnect, pg_conndefaults, pg_exec, pg_result, pg_select
connection loss, pg_on_connection_loss
creating, pg_lo_creat
delete, pg_lo_unlink
export, pg_lo_export
import, pg_lo_import
notify, pg_listen
opening, pg_lo_open
positioning, pg_lo_lseek, pg_lo_tell
query, pg_execute
reading, pg_lo_read
writing, pg_lo_write
PGUSER, Environment Variables
pg_config, Building Libpq Programs, Writing Code
pg_conndefaults, pg_conndefaults
pg_connect, pg_connect, pg_disconnect, pg_exec, pg_result, pg_select
pg_ctl, Starting the Database Server
pg_dumpall, If You Are Upgrading
pg_execute, pg_execute
pg_function_is_visible, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_get_constraintdef, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_get_indexdef, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_get_ruledef, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_get_userbyid, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_get_viewdef, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_hba.conf, The pg_hba.conf file
pg_ident.conf, Ident Maps
pg_lo_close, pg_lo_close
pg_lo_creat, pg_lo_creat
pg_lo_export, pg_lo_export
pg_lo_import, pg_lo_import
pg_lo_lseek, pg_lo_lseek
pg_lo_open, pg_lo_open
pg_lo_read, pg_lo_read
pg_lo_tell, pg_lo_tell
pg_lo_unlink, pg_lo_unlink
pg_lo_write, pg_lo_write
pg_opclass_is_visible, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_operator_is_visible, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_table_is_visible, Miscellaneous Functions
pg_type_is_visible, Miscellaneous Functions
phantom read, Transaction Isolation
PIC, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
PL/Perl, PL/Perl - Perl Procedural Language
PL/pgSQL, PL/pgSQL - SQL Procedural Language
PL/Python, PL/Python - Python Procedural Language
PL/SQL, Porting from Oracle PL/SQL
PL/Tcl, PL/Tcl - Tcl Procedural Language
point, Point
polygon, Polygon
port, General Operation
postgres user, The PostgreSQL User Account
postmaster, Architectural Fundamentals, Starting the Database Server
to monitor activity, Standard Unix Tools
psql, Accessing a Database
Python, PL/Python - Python Procedural Language


qualified names, Creating a Schema
query, Querying a Table
and identifiers, Identifiers and Key Words
escaping, String Constants


See indexes
range table, The Parts of a Query tree
readline, Requirements
real, Numeric Types
record, Pseudo-Types
referential integrity, Foreign Keys
regclass, Object Identifier Types
regoper, Object Identifier Types
regoperator, Object Identifier Types
regproc, Object Identifier Types
regprocedure, Object Identifier Types
regression test, Installation Procedure
regtype, Object Identifier Types
regular expressions, SIMILAR TO and SQL99 Regular Expressions, POSIX Regular Expressions
See also pattern matching
reindex, Routine Reindexing
relation, Concepts
relational database, Concepts
row, Concepts
rules, The Rule System
and views, Views and the Rule System


current, Miscellaneous Functions
schemas, Schemas
current schema, General Operation
SCO OpenServer, Shared Memory and Semaphores
search path, The Schema Search Path
changing at runtime, Miscellaneous Functions
current, Miscellaneous Functions
search_path, General Operation
SELECT, Querying a Table
select list, Select Lists
semaphores, Shared Memory and Semaphores
sequences, Sequence-Manipulation Functions
and serial type, The Serial Types
sequential scan, Planner and Optimizer Tuning
serial, The Serial Types
serial4, The Serial Types
serial8, The Serial Types
SETOF, Query Language (SQL) Functions
See also function
current, Miscellaneous Functions
set, Miscellaneous Functions
setval, Sequence-Manipulation Functions
shared libraries, Shared Libraries
shared memory, Shared Memory and Semaphores
SHMMAX, Shared Memory and Semaphores
SIGHUP, Run-time Configuration, The pg_hba.conf file, Ident Maps
similar to, SIMILAR TO and SQL99 Regular Expressions
sliced bread
smallint, Numeric Types
Solaris, Starting the Database Server, Shared Memory and Semaphores, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
some, Subquery Expressions
query results, Sorting Rows
allocating space, SPI_palloc, SPI_repalloc, SPI_pfree, SPI_freetuple, SPI_freetuptable, SPI_freeplan
connecting, SPI_connect, SPI_prepare, SPI_execp, SPI_saveplan
copying tuple descriptors, SPI_copytupledesc
copying tuples, SPI_copytuple, SPI_copytupleintoslot
cursors, SPI_cursor_open, SPI_cursor_find, SPI_cursor_fetch, SPI_cursor_move, SPI_cursor_close
decoding tuples, SPI_fnumber, SPI_fname, SPI_getvalue, SPI_getbinval, SPI_gettype, SPI_gettypeid, SPI_getrelname
disconnecting, SPI_finish
executing, SPI_exec
modifying tuples, SPI_modifytuple
SPI_connect, SPI_connect
SPI_copytuple, SPI_copytuple
SPI_copytupledesc, SPI_copytupledesc
SPI_copytupleintoslot, SPI_copytupleintoslot
SPI_cursor_close, SPI_cursor_close
SPI_cursor_fetch, SPI_cursor_fetch
SPI_cursor_find, SPI_cursor_find
SPI_cursor_move, SPI_cursor_move
SPI_cursor_open, SPI_cursor_open
SPI_exec, SPI_exec
SPI_execp, SPI_execp
SPI_finish, SPI_finish
SPI_fname, SPI_fname
SPI_fnumber, SPI_fnumber
SPI_freeplan, SPI_freeplan
SPI_freetuple, SPI_freetuple
SPI_freetuptable, SPI_freetuptable
SPI_getbinval, SPI_getbinval
SPI_getrelname, SPI_getrelname
SPI_gettype, SPI_gettype
SPI_gettypeid, SPI_gettypeid
SPI_getvalue, SPI_getvalue
spi_lastoid, Database Access from PL/Tcl
SPI_modifytuple, SPI_modifytuple
SPI_palloc, SPI_palloc
SPI_pfree, SPI_pfree
SPI_prepare, SPI_prepare
SPI_repalloc, SPI_repalloc
SPI_saveplan, SPI_saveplan
ssh, Secure TCP/IP Connections with SSH Tunnels
SSL, General Operation, Secure TCP/IP Connections with SSL, Database Connection Functions
standard deviation, Aggregate Functions
statistics, Statistics Collector
See character strings
subqueries, Subqueries, Subquery Expressions
subquery, Aggregate Functions
substring, String Functions and Operators, Binary String Functions and Operators, SIMILAR TO and SQL99 Regular Expressions
sum, Aggregate Functions
superuser, Accessing a Database
SQL, SQL Syntax


table, Concepts
Tcl, pgtcl - Tcl Binding Library, PL/Tcl - Tcl Procedural Language
TCP/IP, Starting the Database Server
See character strings
with libpq, Threading Behavior
tid, Object Identifier Types
constants, Special values
current, Current Date/Time
data type, Times
output format, Date/Time Output
See also Formatting
time with time zone
data type, Times
time without time zone
time, Times
time zone, General Operation
time zones, Time Zones, Date/Time Key Words
authentication, General Operation
deadlock, General Operation
data type, Time stamps
timestamp with time zone
data type, Time stamps
timestamp without time zone
data type, Time stamps
conversion, AT TIME ZONE
TOAST, Introduction
and user-defined types, Extending SQL: Types
transaction ID
wraparound, Preventing transaction ID wraparound failures
transaction isolation level, General Operation
transactions, Transactions
trigger, Pseudo-Types
in PL/Tcl, Trigger Procedures in PL/Tcl
Tru64 UNIX, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
true, Boolean Type
See data types


union, Combining Queries
UnixWare, Shared Memory and Semaphores, Compiling and Linking Dynamically-Loaded Functions
unqualified names, The Schema Search Path
UPDATE, Updates
upgrading, If You Are Upgrading, Migration between releases
current, Miscellaneous Functions


vacuum, Routine Vacuuming
variance, Aggregate Functions
version, Accessing a Database, Miscellaneous Functions
view, Views
updating, What about updating a view?
void, Pseudo-Types


where, The WHERE Clause


xid, Object Identifier Types


yacc, Requirements
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