Supported Platforms

1.7. Supported Platforms

PostgreSQL has been verified by the developer community to work on the platforms listed below. A supported platform generally means that PostgreSQL builds and installs according to these instructions and that the regression tests pass.

Note: If you are having problems with the installation on a supported platform, please write to or , not to the people listed here.

AIXRS60007.32002-11-12, Andreas Zeugswetter ()see also doc/FAQ_AIX
BSD/OSx867.32002-10-25, Bruce Momjian ()4.2
FreeBSDAlpha7.32002-11-13, Chris Kings-Lynne () 
FreeBSDx867.32002-10-29, 3.3, Nigel J. Andrews (), 4.7, Larry Rosenman (), 5.0, Sean Chittenden () 
HP-UXPA-RISC7.32002-10-28, 10.20 Tom Lane (), 11.00, 11.11, 32 & 64 bit, Giles Lean ()gcc and cc; see also doc/FAQ_HPUX
IRIXMIPS7.32002-10-27, Ian Barwick ()Irix64 Komma 6.5
LinuxAlpha7.32002-10-28, Magnus Naeslund ()2.4.19-pre6
Linuxarmv4l7.22001-12-10, Mark Knox ()2.2.x
LinuxMIPS7.22001-11-15, Hisao Shibuya ()2.0.x; Cobalt Qube2
LinuxPlayStation 27.32002-11-19, Permaine Cheung )#undef HAS_TEST_AND_SET, remove slock_t typedef
LinuxPPC74xx7.32002-10-26, Tom Lane ()bye 2.2.18; Apple G3
LinuxS/3907.32002-11-22, Permaine Cheung )both s390 and s390x (32 and 64 bit)
LinuxSparc7.32002-10-26, Doug McNaught ()3.0
Linuxx867.32002-10-26, Alvaro Herrera ()2.4
MacOS XPPC7.32002-10-28, 10.1, Tom Lane (), 10.2.1, Adam Witney () 
NetBSDAlpha7.22001-11-20, Thomas Thai ()1.5W
NetBSDarm327.32002-11-19, Patrick Welche ()1.6
NetBSDm68k7.02000-04-10, Henry B. Hotz ()Mac 8xx
NetBSDMIPS7.2.12002-06-13, Warwick Hunter ()1.5.3
NetBSDPPC7.22001-11-28, Bill Studenmund ()1.5
NetBSDSparc7.22001-12-03, Matthew Green ()32- and 64-bit builds
NetBSDVAX7.12001-03-30, Tom I. Helbekkmo ()1.5
NetBSDx867.32002-11-14, Patrick Welche ()1.6
OpenBSDSparc7.32002-11-17, Christopher Kings-Lynne ()3.2
OpenBSDx867.32002-11-14, 3.1 Magnus Naeslund (), 3.2 Christopher Kings-Lynne () 
SolarisSparc7.32002-10-28, Andrew Sullivan ()Solaris 7 & 8; see also doc/FAQ_Solaris
Solarisx867.32002-11-20, Martin Renters ()5.8; see also doc/FAQ_Solaris
SunOS 4Sparc7.22001-12-04, Tatsuo Ishii () 
Tru64 UNIXAlpha7.32002-11-05, Alessio Bragadini () 
UnixWarex867.32002-11-01, 7.1.3 Larry Rosenman (), 7.1.1 and 7.1.2(8.0.0) Olivier Prenant ()see also doc/FAQ_SCO
Windowsx867.32002-10-29, Dave Page (), Jason Tishler ()with Cygwin; see doc/FAQ_MSWIN
Windowsx867.32002-11-05, Dave Page () native is client-side only; see Chapter 2

Unsupported Platforms: The following platforms are either known not to work, or they used to work in a previous release and we did not receive explicit confirmation of a successful test with version 7.3 at the time this list was compiled. We include these here to let you know that these platforms could be supported if given some attention.

BeOSx867.22001-11-29, Cyril Velter ()needs updates to semaphore code
DG/UX 5.4R4.11m88k6.31998-03-01, Brian E Gallew ()no recent reports
MkLinux DR1PPC7507.02001-04-03, Tatsuo Ishii ()7.1 needs OS update?
NeXTSTEPx866.x1998-03-01, David Wetzel ()bit rot suspected
QNX 4 RTOSx867.22001-12-10, Bernd Tegge () needs updates to semaphore code; see also doc/FAQ_QNX4
QNX RTOS v6x867.22001-11-20, Igor Kovalenko ()patches available in archives, but too late for 7.2
SCO OpenServer 5x866.51999-05-25, Andrew Merrill ()7.2 should work, but no reports; see also doc/FAQ_SCO
System V R4m88k6.2.11998-03-01, Doug Winterburn ()needs new TAS spinlock code
System V R4MIPS6.41998-10-28, Frank Ridderbusch ()no recent reports
UltrixMIPS7.12001-03-26TAS spinlock code not detected

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