Davor's PHP Constructor

Version: 1.0

License(s): Shareware, Commercial

Price: $39

Platform(s): Windows

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Davor's PHP Constructor Description

Davor's PHP Constructor is compact and fast Windows IDE for PHP development with:

- Free-style windowed interface with configurable desktop and multiple edit windows
- Advanced multipaged editor with syntax Highlighting for several programming languages - PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, JS, SQL and ASP
- Project management
- PHP syntax checking and script interpretation
- Project and/or script/page Run/Preview
- Advanced code analysis (PHP, JS and HTML)
- Basic HTML WYSIWYG editor
- FTP-based file synchronization

Although presumed to be used as PHP development tool (and offering some special PHP features), Davor's PHP Constructor can be used to work on any other language based project since editing features are not limited to PHP only. You can use it to develop any kind of web sites requiring scripts, or build clean HTML pages, still using benefits of project management, syntax highlighting etc.

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Davor's PHP Constructor Comments

This looks like it has plenty of fancy features. It's got to be worth a go!!

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