Version: 1.1.5

License(s): Freeware

Price: 0

Platform(s): Mac

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SubEthaEdit Description

SubEthaEdit's features


Share documents with Rendezvous

See all shared documents in your local network

See other users' pictures (like iChat)

Share documents over the Internet

Connect to others SubEthaEdits over the internet

Join existing local sessions from anywhere

Integration with FTP clients

Support for SubEthaEdit URLs


Anyone can type anywhere anytime

See other users' cursors and selections

in the document

in the document's scrollbar

Authorize users to join private documents

Kick users off your document


Safari-powered live-updating HTML preview

Full Unicode™ support (ATSUI)

File encodings support

Line ending conversion

Enhanceable (e.g. with TextExtras or WordService)

Word completion, custom keybindings, etc.


Indenting features

Extensible Function popup menu (like Project Builder)

Extensible Syntax Highlighting

Support for C, C++, CSS, HTML, Java, Javascript, LaTeX, Objective-C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, XML included.

Integration with Project Builder



Catalan — Enric Plaza

Dutch — Peter van Peursem

French — Fabien Remblier

German — Martin Ott

Japanese — RedGecko

Spanish — Jesús A. Guzmán Bremer

Swedish — Johan Strandell

Traditional Chinese — Kevin Fyure

Ukrainian — Daniel Bely

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SubEthaEdit Comments

looks very interesting!!

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