Svoi.NET - PHP Edit XP

Version: 4.0

License(s): Freeware


Platform(s): Windows

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Svoi.NET - PHP Edit XP Description

"Svoi.NET - PHP Edit" - is a user-friendly tool for editing and testing and debugging PHP
scripts and HTML/XML pages.
Also has power syntax highlighting for PHP, Perl, HTML, XML, Java, Javascript, VBScript,
CSS, SQL, C++, Python, etc. Can work with charsets and text encoding.
Being designed specifically for web-developers, it is comfortable both for
beginners and experienced programmers.
Working with charsets: Ansi, Arabic, Baltic, Chinese, EastEurope, Gb2312,
Greek, Hangeul, Hebrew, Johab, Mac, Eom, Russian, ShiftJis, Symbol, Thai, Turkish.
Decoding text from Windows coding to Koi, Iso, Dos and back.
Working with recent files.
Build in tools for testing and debugging PHP scripts. Can run PERL scripts.
Quick insert features and many other things you may need for easy and productive
PHP development.
More than 120 different PHP and JavaScript snippets.

Current features:
- Powerful text editor.
- Drag & Drop support.
- Syntax highlighting for PHP, Perl, HTML, XML, Java, Javascript, VBScript, CSS, SQL, C++, Python etc.
- Working with charsets and text encoding.
- PHP Script debugger.
- Auto find classes/function and server variables.
- File manager.
- Search system.
- Print option (Syntax-Highlighter Color Printout, etc).
- Customizable environment.
- Auto-save all documents.
- Save sessions.
- Auto-complete feature.
- Reopen menu.
- Templates to create PHP & HTML, etc files.
- Highlight matching brackets.
- Plugins support.
- Working with projects.
- Multi-language support.

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Their website appears to be in Russian!!!

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