Zend Studio

Version: 5

License(s): Commercial

Price: Standard $99, Pro from $299, Enterprise from $499

Platform(s): Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, Other

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Zend Studio Description

This is what Zend say about it:

The Zend Studio is the award winning development environment for PHP with thousands of users around the world.

  • Learn or reuse code from top-notch PHP developers. Includes over 50 fully functional database sample applications from top PHP community gurus using the most common databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.
  • Increase productivity with a proven professional development environment that includes advanced PHP 5 support, Code Analyzer, Nested Code Completion, Syntax Highlighting, Project Manager, Code Editor, Graphical Debugger and numerous wizards.
  • NEW Code Folding boosts productivity by easily folding classes, functions, PHPdoc blocks and non-PHP code.
  • Make documenting your code, applications, and projects a breeze with PHPDocumentor, the standard documentation tool for PHP. Automatically add PHPDoc comments to files, classes, functions, constants and more, all through PHPDoc wizards.
  • NEW Quickly navigate to any PHP resource in the project with filtering by classes, functions, and constants using the Go-to-PHP Resource Utility.
  • Facilitate team development and team collaboration by effectively managing your source code with a tight CVS integration that lets you perform CVS operations directly from within Zend Studio 5.
  • NEW Get a choice of version management systems. Zend Studio 5 supports the popular Subversion source control.
  • NEW Securely browse your FTP connection using SSL with Implicit and Explicit methods.
  • Simplify deployment with FTP, SFTP and FTP over SSL, allowing developers to securely upload and download project files transparently to and from remote servers.


  • NEW Create tighter application integration with superior Web Services Support to easily generate WSDL files directly from your PHP source
    code and existing WSDL files for Code Completion Integration and Inspection View.
  • Connect directly to the most widely used professional databases such as IBM DB2/Cloudscape/Derby, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.
  • Write and execute queries on connected servers using Zend SQL Query Editor with SQL92 and syntax highlighting support.
  • View database structure and manage content with Zend SQL Explorer.


  • work with advanced debugging features, including: Conditional Breakpoints, Stack Trace View, Advanced Watches, Variables and Output Buffer.
  • Debug locally or remotely on the native environment using the most powerful PHP debugger.
  • Ensure maximum protection for offsite locations or across the Internet with secure remote debugging.
  • Debug and profile your code directly from your browser with `one-click` browser debugging.


  • Facilitate team development and collaboration by effectively managing your source code using CVS or Subversion directly from within Zend Studio.
  • Get immediate feedback on code and script performance when using Zend Studio 5 QA/Testing tools.
  • Deliver highly reliable applications using PHP Intelligence tools that help you address your application weaknesses before they appear in production.

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Zend Studio Comments

It is a very good product with lots of features. Version 5 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
The program is built using Java so it can be very slow at times (especially starting up) and crashes without saving files you`ve been working on :( ... but it is still one of the top IDEs on the market in a lot of peoples opinion. Read more on Zend

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