append() -- append an element to an assigned array


void append ( mixed var)

void append ( string varname, mixed var [, bool merge])

If you append to a string value, it is converted to an array value and then appended to. You can explicitly pass name/value pairs, or associative arrays containing the name/value pairs. If you pass the optional third parameter of true, the value will be merged with the current array instead of appended.

Technical Note: The merge parameter respects array keys, so if you merge two numerically indexed arrays, they may overwrite each other or result in non-sequential keys. This is unlike the array_merge() function of PHP which wipes out numerical keys and renumbers them.

Example 13-1. append

// passing name/value pairs

// passing an associative array
$smarty->append(array('city' => 'Lincoln''state' => 'Nebraska'));

See also append_by_ref(), assign() and get_template_vars()

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