register_block() -- dynamically register block functions plugins


void register_block ( string name, mixed impl, bool cacheable, mixed cache_attrs)

Use this to dynamically register block functions plugins. Pass in the block function name, followed by the PHP function callback that implements it.

The php-function callback impl can be either (a) a string containing the function name or (b) an array of the form array(&$object, $method) with &$object being a reference to an object and $method being a string containing the method-name or (c) an array of the form array(&$class, $method) with $class being a classname and $method being a class method of that class.

cacheable and cache_attrs can be omitted in most cases. See Controlling Cacheability of Plugins' Output on how to use them properly.

Example 13-1. register_block()


do_translation ($params$content, &$smarty, &$repeat)
  if (isset(
$content)) {
$lang $params['lang'];
// do some translation with $content
return $translation;

where the template is:

{* template *}
{translate lang="br"}
Hello, world!

See also unregister_block() and Plugin Block Functions.

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