register_resource() -- dynamically register resources


void register_resource ( string name, array resource_funcs)

Use this to dynamically register a resource plugin with Smarty. Pass in the name of the resource and the array of PHP functions implementing it. See template resources for more information on how to setup a function for fetching templates.

Technical Note: A resource name must be at least two characters in length. One character resource names will be ignored and used as part of the file path, such as $smarty->display('c:/path/to/index.tpl');

The php-function-array resource_funcs must have 4 or 5 elements. With 4 elements the elements are the functions-callbacks for the respective "source", "timestamp", "secure" and "trusted" functions of the resource. With 5 elements the first element has to be an object reference or a class name of the object or class implementing the resource and the 4 following elements have to be the method names implementing "source", "timestamp", "secure" and "trusted".

Example 13-1. register_resource()

->register_resource('db', array(

See also unregister_resource() and template resources

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