template_exists() -- checks whether the specified template exists


bool template_exists ( string template)

It can accept either a path to the template on the filesystem or a resource string specifying the template.

Example 13-1. template_exists()

This example uses $_GET['page'] to include a content template. If the template doesnt exist then an error page is displayed instead.

The page_container.tpl

{include file='page_top.tpl'}

{* include middle content page *}
{include file=$page_mid}

{include file='page_footer.tpl'}

and the php script


// set the filename eg index.inc.tpl
$mid_template $_GET['page'].'.inc.tpl';

if( !
$smarty->template_exists($mid_template) ){
$mid_template 'page_not_found.inc.tpl';



See also display(), fetch(), {include} and {insert}

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