{popup} is used to create javascript popup windows. {popup_init} MUST be called first for this to work.

Attribute NameTypeRequiredDefaultDescription
textstringYesn/athe text/html to display in the popup window
triggerstringNoonMouseOverWhat is used to trigger the popup window. Can be one of onMouseOver or onClick
stickybooleanNofalseMakes the popup stick around until closed
captionstringNon/asets the caption to title
fgcolorstringNon/acolor of the inside of the popup box
bgcolorstringNon/acolor of the border of the popup box
textcolorstringNon/asets the color of the text inside the box
capcolorstringNon/asets color of the box's caption
closecolorstringNon/asets the color of the close text
textfontstringNon/asets the font to be used by the main text
captionfontstringNon/asets the font of the caption
closefontstringNon/asets the font for the "Close" text
textsizestringNon/asets the size of the main text's font
captionsizestringNon/asets the size of the caption's font
closesizestringNon/asets the size of the "Close" text's font
widthintegerNon/asets the width of the box
heightintegerNon/asets the height of the box
leftbooleanNofalsemakes the popups go to the left of the mouse
rightbooleanNofalsemakes the popups go to the right of the mouse
centerbooleanNofalsemakes the popups go to the center of the mouse
abovebooleanNofalsemakes the popups go above the mouse. NOTE: only possible when height has been set
belowbooleanNofalsemakes the popups go below the mouse
borderintegerNon/amakes the border of the popups thicker or thinner
offsetxintegerNon/ahow far away from the pointer the popup will show up, horizontally
offsetyintegerNon/ahow far away from the pointer the popup will show up, vertically
fgbackgroundurl to imageNon/adefines a picture to use instead of color for the inside of the popup.
bgbackgroundurl to imageNon/adefines a picture to use instead of color for the border of the popup. NOTE: You will want to set bgcolor to "" or the color will show as well. NOTE: When having a Close link, Netscape will re-render the table cells, making things look incorrect
closetextstringNon/asets the "Close" text to something else
noclosebooleanNon/adoes not display the "Close" text on stickies with a caption
statusstringNon/asets the text in the browsers status bar
autostatusbooleanNon/asets the status bar's text to the popup's text. NOTE: overrides status setting
autostatuscapstringNon/asets the status bar's text to the caption's text. NOTE: overrides status and autostatus settings
inarrayintegerNon/atells overLib to read text from this index in the ol_text array, located in overlib.js. This parameter can be used instead of text
caparrayintegerNon/atells overLib to read the caption from this index in the ol_caps array
capiconurlNon/adisplays the image given before the popup caption
snapxintegerNon/asnaps the popup to an even position in a horizontal grid
snapyintegerNon/asnaps the popup to an even position in a vertical grid
fixxintegerNon/alocks the popups horizontal position Note: overrides all other horizontal placement
fixyintegerNon/alocks the popups vertical position Note: overrides all other vertical placement
backgroundurlNon/asets image to be used instead of table box background
padxinteger,integerNon/apads the background image with horizontal whitespace for text placement. Note: this is a two parameter command
padyinteger,integerNon/apads the background image with vertical whitespace for text placement. Note: this is a two parameter command
fullhtmlbooleanNon/aallows you to control the html over a background picture completely. The html code is expected in the "text" attribute
framestringNon/acontrols popups in a different frame. See the overlib page for more info on this function
timeoutstringNon/acalls the specified javascript function and takes the return value as the text that should be displayed in the popup window
delayintegerNon/amakes that popup behave like a tooltip. It will popup only after this delay in milliseconds
hautobooleanNon/aautomatically determine if the popup should be to the left or right of the mouse.
vautobooleanNon/aautomatically determine if the popup should be above or below the mouse.

Example 8-21. {popup}

{* popup_init must be called once at the top of the page *}
{popup_init src="/javascripts/overlib.js"}

{* create a link with a popup window when you move your mouse over *}
<a href="mypage.html" {popup text="This link takes you to my page!"}>mypage</a>

{* you can use html, links, etc in your popup text *}
<a href="mypage.html" {popup sticky=true caption="mypage contents"
snapx=10 snapy=10}>mypage</a>

See also {popup_init} and overLib.

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