{$smarty} reserved variable

{$smarty} reserved variable

The PHP reserved {$smarty} variable can be used to access several special template variables. The full list of them follows.

Request variables

The request variables such as $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_SERVER, $_ENV and $_SESSION (see $request_vars_order and $request_use_auto_globals ) can be accessed as demonstrated in the examples below:

Example 4-6. displaying request variables

{* display value of page from URL ($_GET) http://www.example.com/index.php?page=foo *}

{* display the variable "page" from a form ($_POST['page']) *}

{* display the value of the cookie "username" ($_COOKIE['username']) *}

{* display the server variable "SERVER_NAME" ($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'])*}

{* display the system environment variable "PATH" *}

{* display the php session variable "id" ($_SESSION['id']) *}

{* display the variable "username" from merged get/post/cookies/server/env *}

Note: For historical reasons {$SCRIPT_NAME} can be accessed directly, although {$smarty.server.SCRIPT_NAME} is the proposed way to access this value.


The current timestamp can be accessed with {$smarty.now}. The number reflects the number of seconds passed since the so-called Epoch (January 1, 1970) and can be passed directly to the date_format modifier for display purposes.

Example 4-7. using {$smarty.now}

{* use the date_format modifier to show current date and time *}
{$smarty.now|date_format:"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"}


You can access PHP constant values directly. See also smarty constants

Example 4-8. using {$smarty.const}



The output captured via {capture}..{/capture} construct can be accessed using {$smarty} variable. See section on {capture} for an example.


{$smarty} variable can be used to refer to loaded config variables. {$smarty.config.foo} is a synonym for {#foo#}. See the section on {config_load} for an example.

{$smarty.section}, {$smarty.foreach}

{$smarty} variable can be used to refer to {section} and {foreach} loop properties.


This variable contains the name of the current template being processed.


This variable contains the version of Smarty the template was compiled with.

{$smarty.ldelim}, {$smarty.rdelim}

This variable is used for printing the left-delimiter and right-delimiter value literally. See {ldelim},{rdelim}.

See also Variables and Config Variables

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