Insert plugins are used to implement functions that are invoked by insert tags in the template.

string smarty_insert_name (array $params, object &$smarty)

The first parameter to the function is an associative array of attributes passed to the insert.

The insert function is supposed to return the result which will be substituted in place of the insert tag in the template.

Example 16-11. insert plugin

 * Smarty plugin
 * ------------------------------------------------------------- 
 * File:     insert.time.php
 * Type:     time
 * Name:     time
 * Purpose:  Inserts current date/time according to format
 * -------------------------------------------------------------
function smarty_insert_time($params, &$smarty)
    if (empty(
$params['format'])) {
$smarty->trigger_error("insert time: missing 'format' parameter");

$datetime strftime($params['format']);
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