Naming Conventions

Naming Conventions

Plugin files and functions must follow a very specific naming convention in order to be located by Smarty.

The plugin files must be named as follows:

Where type is one of these plugin types:

  • function
  • modifier
  • block
  • compiler
  • prefilter
  • postfilter
  • outputfilter
  • resource
  • insert

And name should be a valid identifier (letters, numbers, and underscores only).

Some examples: function.html_select_date.php, resource.db.php, modifier.spacify.php.

The plugin functions inside the plugin files must be named as follows:


The meanings of type and name are the same as before.

Smarty will output appropriate error messages if the plugin file it needs is not found, or if the file or the plugin function are named improperly.

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