PEAR base classes

Chapter 26. PEAR base classes

The Core section provides information about the base classes in PEAR


Table of Contents
Introduction --  How to handle the PEAR base class (destructors, error handling)
Constants -- Predefined Constants
PEAR::PEAR() -- constructor (package developer related)
PEAR::_PEAR() -- Deconstructor (package developer related)
PEAR::getStaticProperty() -- handle static properties (package developer related)
PEAR::registerShutdownFunc() -- set a shutdown function for static classes (package developer related)
PEAR::isError() -- checks for a PEAR_Error object
PEAR::raiseError() -- Create a new PEAR_Error object and optionally specify error-handling instructions
PEAR::setErrorHandling() -- sets handling of errors generated through PEAR packages
PEAR::expectError() --  add an error code for non-disabling temporary error handling
PEAR::popExpect() --  removes the last error code for non-disabling temporary error handling
PEAR::loadExtension() -- OS independant PHP extension load

PEAR provides functions for handling errors and sets the behavoir in case of error. And, it gives package developers a set of functions to make their lives easier.

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