Chapter 3. Support

This chapter describes, how you can get support, if you have questions concerning PEAR.

The mailing lists


As in most other open-source projects, the support is done via mailing lists. In our case, we currently have five PEAR related mailing lists:

The first four lists are intended to help you, if you have questions. Please read below to get to know, what list fits to your needs. The CVS commit list is intended for people that are contributing to PEAR: All commits to our revision control system (CVS) are send to this list. The core and QA lists are intended for people that want to take part in the development of PEAR.

You can subscribe to the PEAR mailing lists via this website.

The General mailing list

The PEAR general mailing list is the mailing list, where you ask, if you have a question about installing PEAR, using a certain PEAR package etc.

The list is no support forum for question concerning the usage of PHP. Please use instead.

The documentation mailing list

This list is the place, where all the things concerning the PEAR documentation, the manual etc. are discussed.

If you want to help out documenting PEAR packages, don't hesitate to drop a mail there.

The QA mailing list

People being interested in improving the overall quality of PEAR come together on the QA list.

The Quality Insurance team is always seeking people that want to help. If you are interested, just sign up and announce yourself on the mailing list.

The core mailing list

This list is the place, where the core infrastructure of PEAR is discussed. Members of this list also come from other PHP projects such as PECL and PHP QA, since the PEAR infrastructure is also relevant to these projects (like the PEAR installer, the PEAR website etc.).

Specifically the list is concerned with the following topics:

  • New main features for the PEAR website

  • PEAR installer development

  • PEAR standards definition

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