{html_image} is a custom function that generates an HTML tag for an image. The height and width are automatically calculated from the image file if none are supplied.

Attribute NameTypeRequiredDefaultDescription
filestringYesn/aname/path to image
heightstringNoactual image heightheight to display image
widthstringNoactual image widthwidth to display image
basedirstringnoweb server doc rootdirectory to base relative paths from
altstringno""alternative description of the image
hrefstringnon/ahref value to link the image to
path_prefixstringnon/aprefix for output path

basedir is the base directory that relative image paths are based from. If not given, the web server document root ( env variable DOCUMENT_ROOT) is used as the base. If $security is enabled, the path to the image must be within a secure directory.

href is the href value to link the image to. If link is supplied, an <a href="LINKVALUE"><a> tag is placed around the image tag.

path_prefix is an optional prefix string you can give the output path. This is useful if you want to supply a different server name for the image.

All parameters that are not in the list above are printed as name/value-pairs inside the created <img> tag.

Technical Note: {html_image} requires a hit to the disk to read the image and calculate the height and width. If you don't use template caching, it is generally better to avoid {html_image} and leave image tags static for optimal performance.

Example 8-9. html_image example

where index.tpl is:
{html_image file="pumpkin.jpg"}
{html_image file="/path/from/docroot/pumpkin.jpg"}
{html_image file="../path/relative/to/currdir/pumpkin.jpg"}

possible output would be:

<img src="pumpkin.jpg" alt="" width="44" height="68" />
<img src="/path/from/docroot/pumpkin.jpg" alt="" width="44" height="68" />
<img src="../path/relative/to/currdir/pumpkin.jpg" alt="" width="44" height="68" />
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